The Best SEO Books That Are a Must-Read

SEO is a serious business that needs to be studied intensely. People are now getting more interested about the SEO business because they know that this method will surely make their online business a success.

There are so many blogs out there that you can read to be updated with the latest trends and insights about SEO. But unfortunately some blogs are not that as broad as SEO books can be.

If you’re one those many people that are trying to get a hold of the best SEO books that are available on the internet, below is a list of some of best ones you may want to read to increase your knowledge about SEO.

The Art of SEO – This is a book of SEO knowledge which contains over 500 pages of strategies for web optimization, internet marketing, concepts and tactics from very popular industry authors or business people namely Rand Fishkin, Eric Enge, Jessica Stricchiola and Stephan Spencer. Even though there are some constant changes that happen in a certain search engine’s algorithm, this book is still a good and solid foundation of SEO knowledge that will not soon be outdated.

Web Analytics 2.0 – Almost all internet people know their way around their Web analytics platform. Web Analytics is the ultimate guide that will provide you more understanding about Google analytics, Yahoo! analytics or any tool you plan to use. Web optimization will be somehow useless without their web analytics packages.

Don’t Make Me Think – This book will make you realize that website usability and SEO goes hand-in-hand. Always make sure that you optimize the topics that are only relevant to your business. You might lose your visitors if your website is unresponsive and very confusing. Basically, the Don’t Make Me Think book is an introduction to website usability by the industry expert Steve King.

Marketing in the Age of Google – This is an awesome executive-level explanation of website optimization. The book demonstrates the important concepts of SEO at a level that is easy to understand for those clients that are new to this field. It was created by the former Googler Vanessa Fox.

Letting Go of the Words – Like Don’t Make Me Think, this book emphasizes that the usability of your website is vitality important. SEOs are most of the time tempted to stuff their sites with keywords into the headlines, image captions and on the other parts of the page. Ginny Redish’s explains what your visitors really expect from you.

These are just 5 of the best SEO books you may use to further understand Search Engine Optimization. If you still crave for more information or knowledge about it, just go and find those ones that I missed to mention here. May those books provide you the best information you’ve been looking for.